Hinman House

A few weeks ago I had a dream in which I visited a friend in Georgia at “his father’s home.” I’d never been there. In fact I’ve never met his father. Nonetheless, the dream was surprisingly vivid and I was able to recall the basic – and I thought later – very interesting design of the home.

The basic footprint was two off-set rectangles joined by a central garden recess accessible on three sides from the house through glass doors, and opening to an outside garden. The home was small but generous. A single bedroon, an office, a large kitchen, and a modest living room. It did have a generous wrap around deck.

The overall feel of the home was that is was very warm and light. Lots of medium toned wood – a little lighter and somewhat less rich than mahogany – concrete, glass and steel. The ceilings were high and sloping, descending toward the garden which also served as a water catchment system. I tried to sketch out the basic idea – unrefined – below.

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