Kasha Cichon: Fusionism and Wow!

Kasha sculpture from motherofmars.comSo I was pedaling around the internet early this morning, and I arrived at the online doorstep of the Long Island artist Kasha. This great big blue knocker was hanging in the middle of this ancient wood-slab door with wrought-iron hinges. A crow was off in the distance, noisily grinding his beak away against the edge a rock that had once been a part of wall surrounding Kasia’s “place”.

Okay, I’ll stop the silliness here, but seriously, Kasia’s site makes you want to share and roll about in stories. Perfumed stories. Candle-lighted stories. Stories where little blue fishes float by with Mardi Gras beads floating behind them in a pale wind.  This Polish-born mixed media artist has a gift.  I don’t know much about her, but after touring her site and exploring her work I think I could take a long vacation in her inner life. One of those sojourns you don’t go on very often because you never expected to in the first place. The journey found you.Kasha parrot from motherofmars.com

Well, I can’t encourage my dear readers strongly enough to take a visit to MotherofMars.com, Kasha’s site. Its bound to be cumbersome if you don’t have broad band. Though I suspect its well worth the wait for anyone who enjoys the lick of salt on the air and the creak of heavy timbers underfoot. There, can you smell it – are those the cloves of Zanzibar

Now, be forewarned – Kasha is working out a theory, no a new “movement” called “Fusionism.”  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I think its like hip hop, except spicier and mostly two-dimensional. From what I can tell there is a blend of mysticism and surrealism with a health dose of dada here and there.  Beyond that, well, we’ll have to keep watching!

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