Introducing Makeshift (mkshft) Mag

There’s a great new effort underway to document the everyday fabricators, makers, crafters, and artists at the heart of today’s DIY movement. Its called Makeshift Magazine: A Journal of Hidden Creativity and their first issue is out. If you support their launch by contributing to their Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get a copy!

While the magazine wants to “rethink” the nature of creativity (hm) I’d value it for the insight into the ground-level reality of people united by the common urge to produce. Something. Anything. To take the stuff that surrounds us, animate it with a new life. Derive new value from it. Sustain a livelihood by rounding off the corners of a wasteful economic system. I think this could be one of the most exciting publications you’ll ever get the chance to build. Its a diving board at the precipice of a great fault. Its Duck Tape joining the corrective mechanisms of a wasteful North with the survival imperative of a restrained Global South. Its the present as prologue.

My greatest ambition for this new venture is threefold: demonstrate a viable model of a globally-street-sourced glossy culture rag; explore (and be real about) the intersection of esthetic and survival; and cultivate greater mainstream interest in products produced by and within secondary markets.

Good luck Makeshift!

Great commentary on our project. We’re just starting to get feedback from the outside world and people have had some interesting takes on the topic. Would love to discuss further with you – shoot me an email at


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