ArchitextureMixedMedia.us is an evolving catalogue of discovery and disaster, projects and experiments. Its run by me, Lars Hasselblad Torres, a father, educator, entrepreneur, DIY enthusiast, bookish artist living with my family in Vermont. If you’re interested in my professional background, here’s my CV. I try to make myself available for community arts and education initiatives as well as exciting projects that teach me and stretch me and enable me to work with extraordinary people. A few highlights:

  • I’m a working artist using collage. I seek texture and a painterly quality in my work, building up rich surfaces. I’ll use those backgrounds to convey a surface message, typically through representation or symbolism. You can get a sense of my work by browsing the artwork tag at mixedmedia.us
  • As a born educator, I’ve found that I can share my love for collage and story-telling through something I started called the Global Peace Tiles project. The idea is to capture personal stories through collage. Combines with others, these individual “tiles” become part of large-scale murals. You can learn more about that here.
  • During the last ten years the field of “social entrepreneurship” has exploded in response to growing crises of community. I’ve follow this movement alternating between excitement and despair – so many ideas have come and gone, with too little to show for it. A ray of light that I’ve found is the application of competitions to spur and capture innovation. While at MIT I was able to contribute to these efforts by developing the MIT Global Challenge. You can learn more about that here.

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