3 Lessons Learned:

Tips for Hiring a Corporate Photographer.

A company needs to have presentable and professionally taken photographs and headshots for the employees, executives and also for the company advertisement uses. These corporate photos are used on the company websites, when printing business cards and also for making promotional materials. This implies that you have to take the best photos because many people will be viewing them and how they look will represent the image of your company. The photos have to be professionally done by a skilled photographer. You can effectively market through your website when you have the right photo, you can also print brochures, flyers, business cards, magazines many other advertising materials and this is an effective strategy of bringing for clients to your business. Hiring a Professional corporate photographer is important.

However, it is helpful to know that just because someone is running a photography agency, does not mean that they are competent to offer you the services of a corporate photographer. Some photographers will be skilled in wedding, sports or landscaping photography, but corporate photography requires specialization, and therefore you cannot choose just any photographer.

When you are finding a corporate photographer you need to start by understanding your company needs. You can create a list of potential photographs by asking your friends, associates, colleagues and other people who are in the business world. Browse through the internet and to make a list of potential corporate photographers. When you make a list of the potential corporate photographers you need to email, call or visit their studio physically so that you can find out more about their potential and the reliability of the services that you want them to provide to you.

If a corporate photography agency does not have a website, then they are not even worth considering because a website is a necessary requirement. Check the photographer’s website and go through their portfolio to see some of the photography projects that they have successfully completed. When you have decided on a photographer with the most potential, then ask them to give you a list a few contacts of their previous clients then you can call and do a follow up for the references.

Another important thing is to ask the potential photographer for a quotation on the total cost of their services. Have a written agreement with the photographer on who owns the rights to the photos taken.


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